Business Consulting

At Clear Options Finance our goal is to offer innovative & well considered strategies that will deliver the optimum solutions to your business. Our Business Consulting packages are designed to be flexible to your needs. They range from analysis of any specific Key Areas of focus, through to a full Business Plan review & Implementation across your business.

Stage One
Draft a Business Plan to include 7 Key Areas

1. Your Clients
2. Financials: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cashflow Forecast
3. Staff, Culture & Succession
4. Environment & Sustainability
5. Technology & Systems
6. Marketing
7. Growth & Acquisition

Stage Two
Presenting to the Board or Management Team

When presenting to your Board or Management Team, we will pull everything together into a concise Executive Package that will articulate the immediate, medium & long-term vision for your business to grow & prosper into the future.

Stage Three

We will work with you & your team to ensure that changes are implemented as a smooth & seamless process. Our goal is for you to have more streamlined & agile processes. This together with a newly energised team who are on board to build a better place to work & ability to deliver the highest quality products to your clients.

Let’s build something together.