Our Why
Clear Options Finance was created to provide a personal service to people and companies looking for finance. Searching for a loan can be overwhelming with so many choices and institutions, we simplify this by showing you only what’s important to you at the best terms & interest rate available.

Simply put, we love to find fabulous solutions for our clients problems!

Our Culture
Our style is collaborative, transparent & open allowing us to develop trusted relationships with clients & business partners. We lead by example whilst empowering & motivating our clients to break new ground. This allows us to brainstorm new concepts openly & to share insights into the best solutions possible.

Our Experience
With more than 25 years of senior banking, finance & business management experience our Principal Consultant Mary is well equipped to assist you through your Personal & Business Financing needs together with offering a Business Consulting service to support, inspire & empower you & your team to be more successful.

What we do for you is all the research, we’ll look at why one lender is be better than another, we’ll find the hidden fees. You just tell us what your goals are & we’ll do the rest.

Our Panel
With access
to dozens of lenders, including the major banks, second tier lenders, credit unions, peer-to-peer & private lenders together offering hundreds of products we can help you find the right home, investment, or SMSF loan for your personal goals or a business/commercial or construction loan to support your growing business needs.

Panel of Lenders